our Teacher training

Teachers are the cornerstone of our programs for their skills, access to students, and influence in the community.

Our teachers inspire students to succeed in their academic endeavors and in readiness for the job market and entrepreneurship.

Why is our focus on teacher training in Africa is necessary?


Today, teachers rely on rote learning to deliver classroom learning. This approach deprives students of critical thinking and hands-on, experiential learning. Teachers have to create an environment for the students to ask questions, to critically assess real-life situations, and to solve problems.


Teachers are in the frontline of education, preparing students for leadership roles at the time of unparalleled discoveries and access to limitless opportunities facilitated by innovations and technology to mitigate hardship in all aspects of work and life. Teachers have to be better equipped to support their students and communities.


“The applications of science have alleviated [human] sufferings, moderated [our] harshest limitations, and responded to [our] long-sustained aspirations. We live longer, labor less brutally, more seldom suffer starvation, find frequent comfort and relief in illness, travel, communicate, and learn with undreamed-of ease” (Robert Oppenheimer, 1956).

How our teacher training works

We introduce educators to new concepts and techniques for designing instruction in a way that engages and excites students. Before receiving their classroom resources, teachers attend professional development. As part of their training, teachers will complete “True Colours,” VARK, and other personality assessments to help them understand their teaching styles and their impact on students’ learning and academic achievement. We also train teachers to successfully implement science fairs in their schools.

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