african girls learning botany at stem school in Zambia

About Funzeleo

Our mission is to inspire and prepare African youth for high-demand science and math-based careers.​

Funzeleo, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization based in Colorado, USA.

Since 2012, we’ve been working to improve employment opportunities for young Africans ages 6 to 30 years old by increasing access to relevant training and experiences for highly competitive, high-demand technical professions.

Our vision is to awaken those young people to a world beyond the classroom, engage them in learning, and enable them to see the impact of their education on improving their quality of life. We envision a well-prepared, highly competitive workforce for high-demand careers in the sciences, health, technology, engineering, and math (SHTEM).

Why is our focus on STEM education in Africa important?


The World Health Organization estimates that Africa will have a shortage of six million health providers by 2030.


Africa has fewer than 2.28 doctors or nurses per 1,000 people even though the Continent accounts for 24% of global disease burden. In aggregate, only about 1% of national financial resources are directed toward healthcare.


By 2023, Africa will surpass China and India as the most populous region in the world. With increased population, the demand for energy, transportation, and food will grow multiple times (IEA Africa Energy Outlook, 2019).


Africa contains 30% of global mining resources, including diamond, gold, uranium, cobalt, and copper. In fact, 55% of the global diamond supply comes from Africa, as does 22% of gold output (Mining Africa, 2020).

How we are making a difference


STEM Programs

We are committed to ensuring that African youth have the knowledge and resources to achieve more in science, technology, engineering, math, and health.


Teacher Training

We equip teachers with resources and innovative techniques that stimulate the students’ curiosity, critical thinking, and aspiration for bigger dreams and brighter futures.



We collaborate with private and public sectors as sources of funding, leadership, and mentorships.

Join us in transforming education

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