our Engineering program

We engage students in understanding major topics in the physical sciences and the limitless opportunities available.

Funzeleo’s engineering program is an experiential, activity-based curriculum with the goal of exposing secondary-school students to high-demand, high-growth careers in engineering. This program further exposes youth to real-world problems and solutions.

Why invest in engineering education in Africa?


The majority of African countries have 1 engineer per 10,000 people compared to 20-50 engineers in industrialized countries


Engineering is a largely male-dominated profession, with women making up only 10-20% of the engineering workforce in Africa


The lack of engineering capacity seriously hinders growth in critical economic sectors such as infrastructure, energy, mining and telecommunications


Access to quality education is vital for building engineering capacity. Unfortunately, “Engineering courses in sub-Saharan Africa are often too theoretical, based on outdated curricula and not relevant to local needs.” (Royal Academy of Engineering).

How our engineering program works

Student Program

The student workbook provides relevant, hands-on experiences to connect the sciences and math with real-world problems requiring meaningful solutions. Using our engineering program, students will:

  • Understand the laws and principles of physics and engineering
  • Have greater interest in vocational training and further education in math, physics, and chemistry
  • Strengthen communication and interpersonal skills by solving relevant, team-driven problems
  • Have increased access to job shadow and internships to build relevant experiences
  • Be able to raise community interest in and support for STEM education and careers

Teacher Training

Our teacher’s guide equips educators with strategies and resources to design instruction in a way that engages and excites the students while exposing them to career opportunities in the physical sciences. The teacher’s guide includes:

  • Teacher-led, hands-on activities about engineering principles, laws, and occupations
  • Experiential projects to help students develop problem-solving skills
  • Opportunities to collaborate with outside volunteers and private-sector professionals


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