our Healthcare program

We prepare students for health careers through hands-on, real-life learning.

Offered in collaboration with practicing health professionals, the goal of Funzeleo’s health program is to inspire students to the understand life sciences and its vast opportunities it offers; whether in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, or leadership.

Why invest in health career education in Africa?


The World Health Organization estimates that Africa needs over 2.4 million doctors, nurses and midwives to meet the basic estimates recommended for the UN Millennium Development Goals of 2-3 medical workers per 1,000 people. Only six African countries are likely to meet this goal.


Africa is losing a disproportionate number of healthcare providers such as nurses and doctors to wealthier, more endowed countries. This loss threatens the achievement of health equity and diminishes Continent-wide efforts to curb the effects of communicable diseases like COVID-19, malaria, and HIV-AIDS.


The threat of chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes is happening at the time when Africa is unable to meet the minimum health standards of its people. There are only 2.3 health providers per 1,000 Africans compared to 25 providers for 1,000 people in the Western countries.


The proliferation of medical technology has necessitated a trained healthcare workforce. For example, though at the infancy stage, telehealth is emerging as a cost-effective method to diagnose disease among the elderly, children, and rural and low-income people. Technological skills will continue to be critical to the development of diagnostics and monitoring devices to increase healthcare efficiencies.

How our health career program works

Student Program

By fostering high academic performance, identifying and utilizing available resources, mentoring and experiential activities, this program facilitates a smooth transition from secondary school to professional training and increases the student’s potential for successful completion of healthcare training.

Our goal for this program are to 

  • Encourage students with interest and abilities in math and science to pursue health careers.
  • Provide these students with knowledge and experiences that will help them make informed career choices.

During a five-day program experience, students come together to explore various medical health professions, as well as have the opportunity to tour healthcare facilities; discuss career options with health practitioners; and shadow a health professional for a half or full day. Room and board, meals and all activities are provided at no cost to the students, the school, or educators. Admission into this program is through individual student application or selection by a teacher.

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